wigan traffic engineer: Councillor Russon

I received a belated contribution from Councillor Eddie Russon, who I had omitted from the statement of gratitude in my previous post:

Dear Mr Shale
Thank you for your e-mails and my apologies for the delay in replying. I have been in hospital with pneumonia and I am only just beginning to feel well enough to work.
I feel no matter what proposals are adopted for Platt Bridge they will not be an amicable solution. The redevelopment and the necessary regeneration although bringing better facilities and employment there are accompanying problems.
I will be the first to admit I do not know what the best proposal would be, one could argue that to wait and see the system in operation could be the best way of assessing but then we could look at Hindley town centre and what appears to be a simple idea to alleviate some of the traffic getting stuck from Ince Bar because of the poor lights system at Hindley and not having a filter system into Liverpool Road is a prime example.
Living in Bickershaw for years I had to suffer very long delays in trying to get out of Bickershaw Lane and on to Warrington Road in order to get to work. This added an hour on my journey but thankfully after over 30 years we finally had traffic lights.
There are going to be problems with additional traffic from new housing and businesses and I do share your concerns but I do not know what the acceptable solution should be, if there is one.
Eddie Russon

I replied with two emails:

I wish you well in your recovery and commiserate with the situation in Bickershaw with its one entrance and one exit.
You do have a possible rat-run through the Abram estate, although if our road network had been properly run, in the past, that would have been an alternative outlet, rather than a rat run.
My particular problem still applies in that the action being taken is a considerable inconvenience and I can see it serving no other purpose than pretending to have taken positive action to resolve a perceived aspect of a more serious problem than cars turning right at this junction.
I have often, actually turned left at this junction and done a 360° at the Labour Club roundabout (much to the irritation of traffic from Hindley), in order to reach Bickershaw Lane. (increasing my time in Platt Street).


I did actually suggest a “no right turn sign” as a better means of  achieving the (alleged) desired effect of preventing traffic hold-ups by vehicles turning right.
If the money was available, re-opening the road at the post office and installing traffic lights, would not only help this issue, it would obviate the problems of traffic generated by the new build, abortive Tesco Express etc.


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3 Responses to “wigan traffic engineer: Councillor Russon”

  1. Jonathan Webster Says:

    as a resident of vicarage close, we are disgusted at having only found out about the road change proposals today. do you have any more news regarding it going ahead or being up for consultation with the residents of the area, whom it will affect?

    • wiganshale Says:

      I only found out, because I read the legal notices in the local paper.
      I’ve put my communications with the three Labour Councillors and the local Press in my blog but I’ve not heard anything since.
      I, like you, will have to wait until after the school holidays are over and people have had a chance to see how counterproductive this “plan” is likely to be.
      Another thought that occurs to me is that they are actually going to force an increase in traffic past the newly built old folks place, which, again, shows great foresight and concern for residents.
      I’m afraid the Councillors aren’t much help, except in making sympathetic noises. The Borough seems to be run by the Council Officers, as a sort of Sim Village Game, which pays huge salaries.

    • wiganshale Says:

      you may want to check out my blog for this entry and the video url:

      traffic engineers:emails to Secretaries of State

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