Network Rail

 My understanding of the rail dispute is that the rail union refuses to negotiate over Network Rail’s decision to sack 1,500 men, who are presently employed to ensure the safety of the railway lines.

Either Network Rail is correct and they have been employing too many men to protect us from rail accidents, or the Union is correct and these men are necessary to ensure that I am not killed on one of the new,  faster  Manchester to London Services. (recently cut from 4.5 hours to 2 hours and due to be cut to 1 hour!)

Whichever it is, we will presumably end up with the dismissal of these men to add to the ranks of  the 8 million, or so,  claiming State Benefits.

So Network Rail will increase their profit margins, at the expense of the public purse and possibly an endangerment of my life. Factor in the potential cost of  an extra call  on the resources of the Emergency services  in the event of a rail accident. These services paid being for through local taxes.

Logically shouldn’t both  main parties be pushing for Network Rail to reconsider their position.

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