B.A. (bloody awful?) airways.

Why is so much acrimony being expressed about the BA versus Unite dispute?

Surely this is a prime example of Capitalist ideology and Conservative creed, at work.

 If BA does fail, then that would be because they were unfit to compete on a level playing field with other passenger airline companies.

For years they have profited from a favoured position as the national airline.

Unlike British Gas and British Telecom, they seem to have been unable to adapt to a free market situation.

We, as a nation, will be no worse off and, judging by rumours about BA management techniques, the nation might actually be more secure.

Other more vigorous companies, such as Virgin will step in and pick up BA’s profitable routes.  These companies will buy up the more airworthy planes and hire the best qualified staff.

The only apparent problem is that disgruntled passengers might become disgruntled voters.

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